Food AND Medicine Political Action

In order for Food AND Medicine to further our mission of ultimately living in a community where no one is forced to choose between food, medicine and other basic necessities, it's critical that we have elected officials who support that mission. We need legislators who believe in strong unions and worker rights, improved public transportation, access to healthy food, healthcare as a right, racial equity and a strong social safety net.

While we recognize that no candidate or legislator will ever be perfect, we sent a questionnaire, met with and/or carefully reviewed available information about candidates in a number of races, and have chosen to make the following endorsements in the upcoming election. We encourage our members and supporters to vote for the candidates that we proudly endorse.

November 7, 2023 election:

Bangor City Council

    • Joseph Leonard (Incumbent)
    • Michael Beck
    • Morgan Pottle-Urquhart

Bangor School Committee

    • Katie Brydon
    • Shelly Anardo Okere
    • Timothy Surrette

Brewer City Council

    • Dani O'Halleran

Hampden Town Council

    • James Bailey for District 3

Statewide Referendum Questions

    • YES on Question 4 (Right to repair)
    • YES on Question 6 (Print the entire Maine State Constitution!)
    • YES on Question 8 (Right to vote)

There are of course great candidates in other districts who also support our core values; however, our capacity limits us to endorsing in only races where we feel that we can make a difference. We encourage everyone to consider these values in choosing for whom to vote.