Transportation For All

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Transportation for All is a group of bus riders, clergy, bus drivers, & supporters working for a strong bus system in Greater Bangor!

Meetings: 3rd Thursdays, 9am-11am
at the Peace & Justice Center on Harlow Street, Bangor

All are Welcome!

Transportation for All is committed to expanding and improving the public transportation system in the Bangor area. We’ve presented to the Bangor City Council, we’ve had significant press coverage and continue to raise awareness of this critical need. Public transportation provides the citizens of Bangor/Brewer with access to jobs, education and basic necessities like doctor’s appointments and groceries. The Community Connector is a great system, but current budgetary restrictions cause limited hours of operation and routes. We are working toward expanded hours into the evening and on weekends, as well as the purchase of additional kneeling buses, which are more easily accessible.

Since 2015, Bangor City Council officially proclaims November as Ride the Bus Month. The city has shown support and enthusiasm for the Community Connector by providing two free ride days in November, including Election Day, and assisting in promoting Ride the Bus Month.

Transportation for All provides volunteer Bus Ambassadors to assist bus patrons in navigating the system and routes of the Greater Bangor Area.  If you would like to arrange a Bus Ambassador to assist you, please call Food AND Medicine at 989-5860.

Recent Accomplishments

Public Events/ Awareness Raising

  • Earth Day Festival drawing 150+ and 11+ organizations/businesses tabling,
  • 1-2 letters to the editor monthly
  • 6 earned media stories, plus 2 blog posts and an analysis article about later bus hours
  • Partnered closely with Downtown Bangor Partnership, Eastern Area Agency on Aging and Director of Economic & Community Development to promote bus
  • Trained 2 new Bus Ambassadors & served 5 clients

Campaign for Later Bus Hours

  • Regular presence at City Council, including 25+ on three occasions
  • 570+ petition signatures and 166 surveys
  • Rally/Picnic drawing 40+
  • bus riders speaking at 2 legislative forums (partners: Maine Transit Association and Farmer Labor Legislative Breakfast)
  • Nominated four bus riders to and began participating in multi-city Transit Task Force; helped gain participation of mechanics and drivers; got TFA priorities including later bus hours, consistent cleaning, increased preventive maintenance and a senior/disabled half-fare pass reflected in regional Transit Improvement Plan (TIP)

Policy Change

  • Bus riders speaking at 2 legislative forums (Maine Transit Association and Farmer Labor Legislative Breakfast)
  • Helped organize and highlighted public transit at City Council Candidate Forum

Ride the Bus Month

  • Launch event with 40+ people
  • “Second Wind” presentation at Y: 5 people, all new bus rides
  • Trip to Mt. Hope Cemetery:  10 people
  • Faith Ride to the Polls: 5 people and PRESS!
  • Collaboration with 12 businesses/community groups to promote ridership
  • Support from City of Bangor to do proclamation & social media campaign and sponsor two Free Fare Days, including Election Day (the latter gained a 15% increase in riders over Election Day 2015).

Changes Achieved: Added 1.5 staff, Saturday restroom access, office space, software, three bus rehabilitations, and City Manager & Council commitment to commission Task Force and develop plan for evening service

Beneficiaries: 2,654 passengers per day (2008 data) and potential riders

Value: $573,000 one-time investment plus $85,284 added operational spending (to repeat annually).

For more information about Transportation for All or Bus Ambassadors, please contact Food AND Medicine at (207) 989-5860 or email [email protected].